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Title: Blood of Anteros
Author: Georgia Cates
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2011
Cruel circumstances turned Curry Brennan into the wretched monster he hates and refuses to accept, but when an expected turn of events releases him from the bond of his obsessive maker, he returns to the home he knew 161 years earlier and finds the return of happiness and joy in something he didn’t know existed.
Puzzled by his growing attraction to Chansey Leclaire, a human, he is unable to resist the captivating relationship that threatens to reveal his existence as a vampire. He eventually discovers the reason he was destined to find what he didn’t know he searched for and is faced with the cruel realization that the living and the immortal undead will always be separated by one thing. Eternity.


Curry Brennan was killed and turned into a vampire by a psychotic and obsessed bloodsucker, Marsala, when he was 26. From that moment, he begins to hate himself and what he became
When he decides to end his life, something unexpected happens, and everything changes. He finally has the opportunity to leave Marsala and have a second chance of life. 
Returning to his old home in Mississippi, Curry meets Chansey, a human girl who will fall in love with him.

I really enjoyed this book. At first i didn't like it very much, the story was a bit too slow and boring, but then Curry met Chansey and i started to love it! 

What i really loved about this book is the fact that it was narrated from a male POV. I don't read many books about vampires that don't have a girl's POV, and i think the author made an excellent and courageous choice, deciding to base the entire book on Curry's POV. 

An other thing i loved is the relationship between Chansey and Curry!They don't fall in love with each other at their first meeting, but their love grows page afer page! 

 What i didn't like instead is the old way characters speak. I expected it from Curry, who was born in another time, but what about Chansey?It's really weird for such a young girl speak that way! 

Another thing that left me a bit confused are some background things that were never explained. For example, where did Curry get his blood, when he was in his old home?He possibly didn't need blood?Then why?

I give the book a rating of 3 stars!The story was really interesting and original! I can't wait to read the sequel, Blood of Jewel!


"I’ll be waiting for you right here, inside my heart, always."

"There would be many that would take back the experience of falling in love if it meant also carrying the pain associated with losing them, but I couldn’t agree less. To feel the pain of loss is to know you once had something worth losing and I would always carry the memory of how the world was once right, when I laid on a couch, holding the woman I loved in my arms while she slept."

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